Smith Hall Organics

Smith Hall Farm is a 110 acre organic farm in the Derbyshire Dales at Hulland Ward, roughly half way between Ashbourne and Belper. It was originally part of the local Hulland Estate and was used in the 19th century as a stud for horse breeding, later becoming a dairy farm. Ashley bought the farm in the early 1990s to milk and then moved into beef and pork production.


Smith Hall Farm has been certified as Organic by the Soil Association for over 10 years.


Smith Hall Organics were joined by the Really Good Cheese Company when Mary and Ashley met at Derby Farmers Market, where they sold their meat and cheeses respectively.


All of the meat produced at Smith Hall Farm is certified organic by the Soil Association, who inspect the farm every year.


This means that all of the pigs and cattle are allowed to roam freely together outside, able to express their natural behaviour. The pigs eat grass and roots plus the organic, GM free pig nuts they are fed twice a day. The cows eat grass supplemented with silage during the winter. The only journey the animals ever make is from the farm to our local abattoir at Buxton. None of the animals are routinely given any growth hormones, antibiotics or other drugs, either in their feed or by injection.


Our animals are treated when necessary by a vet and if drugs are given, there is always withdrawal period to stop those drugs entering the food chain.


We believe that allowing the pigs and cattle to have the most natural life gives the best possible welfare for our animals and the tastiest produce!


All of our produce is fully traceable, from our farm to your fork.

Another important part of organic farming is taking care of the environment. We only use natural fertilisers and no pesticides which provides a haven for wildlife, including many endangered species. On average, organic farms have 75% more plant species than more intensive farming systems. As a result, our farm is full of different species of wildlife, from butterflies to buzzards and from daisies to docks.


We only bring produce to market that is ready and at its best.

Smith Hall Farm Organic,

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